During its activity JSC "Prompostavka-M" has allowed many businesses and entrepreneurs to expand their business to the next level of work, to become well-known suppliers for industrial and commercial enterprises in their regions.

We will support you to provide with the raw materials enterprises of the meat-processing complex of your region.

With our support you will not have problems with deliveries: ground black pepper, black pepper - peas, red bell pepper, ground white pepper, white pepper - peas, ground pepper allspice, pepper pepper allspice - pease , nutmeg, garlic, cloves, dried and fried onion, decorative edible coating for specialty products.

These are the types of the products on which we offer the best quality-to-price ratio on the Russian Federation and CIS markets. For your convenience we can provide a large degree of the deliveries contents by adding: phosphates, soy products, glutamate, ascorbic acid, functional blends, flavors, coatings, etc.

You provide the raw materials for the enterprises of confectionery and dairy industries and also to ice cream producers in your region?

Working with us, you can gain the profit, getting all kinds of nut products, confectionery semi-finished products, nut pastes, crushed onion for baking the cookies. We are the leaders on the market of these products.

By your request, we will provide a full supply, adding raisins and dried fruits, coconut, poppy seeds, citric acid, cinnamon, and etc.

If there are manufactures of the fast preparation products in your region?

That’s great, because we - one of the largest manufacturers of dried and fried onions, carrots, potatoes, white roots, herbs and spices all marketable fractions, also we produce flavouring agents.

We are also one of the largest suppliers of the following products: parsley, dill, garlic, and etc. The highest quality, any fraction and packing.

These products are used by manufacturers of catsups and sauces. Our customers "Baltimore" and "Heinz" - are experts in this question!

Working with us, you can include in the range of your interests the packers of the grocery products for which we offer all the "gentleman" set of top-quality products for packaging, including all kinds of spices and herbs, more than 20 condiments, soups, dried vegetables and herbs, all confectionery group, and etc. More than 80 items in total.

A characteristic feature of this situation is the rapid development of the foodservice industry.

A growing number of restaurants, cafes, a variety of fast food chains. Also, addition to it the food services of medical, educational, industrial and other businesses and organizations.

"Prompostavka-M" will help to develop the direction of catering to ensure all kinds of condiments, spices, dried fruits and a host of other necessary ingredients, including confectionery group. In this case, we can only provide packing in any grammage from 1 g to 1 kg, and a reliable supply of producer prices and the highest quality and guarantees compliance with all the products of the existing sanitary-epidemiological norms. Material and packaging design may also be agreed with you. Specially designed for HoReCa pet-bank with lid - dropper. Very comfortable and aesthetic.

For fast food restaurants we offer a wide range of cakes and panini for burgers, sandwiches.

Our rolls are delivered in such a popular network as Rostiks KFC. In frozen conditions our products can be delivered not only in Moscow but also in remote regions. Bread production might be interesting for companies supplying fast food chains. A similar proposal can be related to the production of confectionery, which products are successfully sold in coffee shops "MakKafe" McDonald's restaurants chain.

Profitable area of trade may be packaged grocery products with the trademark "Master Duck."

At Moscow exhibitions Prodekspo this brand was widely recognized and awarded with medals, we have acquired a score of the new clients. Analyze the quality and the price – you will get wise to the idea.

Today you still have the chance to be our dealer. Tomorrow this place will be occupied.


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