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One of the main activities of our company is the production and sale of spices. You can buy spices in bulk in Moscow and throughout Russia, as we work with all the countries of the CIS. JSC "Prompostavka" mastered the manufacture and production of spices and successfully realized on the market of RF and CIS a wide range of spices based on natural ingredients - dried fruits, herbs and spices.

One of the main spices is "Universal". Its scope is incredibly broad. It is used in home cooking and in catering and industrial food production. "Universal" - an indispensable base for vegetable broths and soups, it is also used in cooking meat; it is an excellent additive to a variety of sauces and toppings.

"Universal" spice was created by specialists of the company based on its own production of the experimental food concentrate products. When you create a recipe card and technical manufacturing seasoning company conducted a comparative analysis of the world's leading manufacturers of products tailored to the taste of the Russian consumer. Also taking into account the requirements of industrial manufacturers. Due to the special preparation of components and balanced recipe our seasoning does not separate into components during storage and transportation.

In order to achieve qualitative advantages over other products in this sector, we have increased the vegetable component of the formulation by reducing the amount of salt in the seasoning composition. Good selection of spices and dried herbs gives excellent flavor and aroma of our products, the market for spices and seasonings appreciated our work appreciated. Our technologists have completely given up the so-called "weighting" of inert components. In addition, we also supply any packing of our products.

All of the above advantages give you the opportunity to achieve excellent results, as the field of home cooking as well as in the manufacturing process to improve the taste quality of products and increase the profitability of your production.

Our technologists have developed the following spices:

  • dried adjika sauce
  • khmeli suneli
  • spice for shashlik
  • spice for stuffing
  • spice for fish
  • spice for meat
  • spice for chicken
  • spice for pilaw
  • spice for grill
  • spice for soups
  • spice for potato dishes
  • spice for beet-root soap
  • spice for seafood
  • spice for pasta and rice
  • universal spice
  • spice for jelly
  • spice with pepper
  • spice with curry
  • spice for bacon
  • spice for meat pockets
  • spice for egg dishes
  • spice for lamb
  • spice stewed cabbage
  • spice for Korean carrot (spicy)
  • spice for Korean carrot (non spicy)
  • spice for diced beef
  • spice for grill chicken
  • spice from mixed pepper

Added for tasting in meat, fish, vegetable dishes, soups, sauces, side dishes, salads, appetizers, sandwiches, pizza, poultry dishes, giving your dish a great taste and aroma. Our spice "Universal" and "For Chicken" was awarded the Gold Medal at the International Competition "Best Product 2004" at the 11th International Fair of food and raw materials for their production "Prodexpo-2004".


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