Dry broths and soups


JSC "Prompostavka-M" produces dried clear soup: mushroom, chicken, beef, vegetable. In all of the recipes are vegetable soups, seasonings and aromatic spices. All kinds of these components are well combined dispersion, which allows cooking your dish for a short time. Using clear soup at home when cooking dinner dishes can be adjusted salinity and saturation of ready meals.


JSC "Prompostavka-M" offers wholesale supplies instant soups in a wide range:

  • Meat soup with pasta
  • Beet-root soap with meat
  • Pickle soup
  • Pea soup
  • Pea soup with smoked meat products
  • Mushroom soup
  • Chiken soup with pasta
  • Chicken soup with rice
  • Meat soup with rice
  • Kharcho
  • Cabbage soup with meat


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