Aromatic salt well as the "Garlic salt", for chicken for soups, meat

World of cooking can be compared to the world of music. It is full of all kinds of styles. In this world harmoniously products and aromatic spices, herbs, seasonings. Thanks to them, the dishes become rich taste, and we get aesthetic pleasure.

Create unique flavors for dishes you can use flavored salts. Aromatic salt - a very nice thing. Dish, flavored with salt or lemon aroma of fragrant herbs, sparkle with new colors. Salt for cooking offered by our company in a wide range. In modern cooking salt can be flavored anything. It is enriched juices that remain in fresh herbs, garlic, and peel.

Sea salt is more suitable for flavoring. It is bigger, tastier and more fragrant obtained. Salt with fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme) is universal and suitable for any type of meat. Salt and vanilla is ideal for seafood. A salt, zest and seaweed flavored, perfectly reveals the taste of fish dishes. Spicy salt can be a wonderful and creative gift. Dish cooked with aromatic salt; make a good impression on even the most demanding feasters.


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