In the beginning were spices…It begins the story of one of the world's most important discoveries - Magellan's voyage around the world, described by the great master of words Zweig. Once knowing the new bright, sharp and heady sensation of tart and intoxicating of spices of east, catching it indescribably pleasant taste irritation, mankind could no longer, and did not want to be without it. Insipid and tasteless food , which was compensated by an abundance of callousness meals, suddenly became open to Europeans completely new gastronomic overtones and bright intermediate sound. Barely incipient perfumery, in turn, fills with new sensual fragrance of amber, musk, rose oil, the medieval apothecaries open the medicinal properties of many spices. Cost of spices rises up to such a height that the grains of pepper are paid on a par with the noble metals.

And the way to the East is that much coveted, as it is dangerous. Suppliers of spices risk everything to brought to greedy Europe purchased goods in the East and become rich.

Today, the production of spices in Russia and around the world has become commonplace, and wholesale spices and flavorings - ubiquitous. Man has learned to not only save their magical aroma and taste, but also to find new flavor combinations based on them, the infinite variety of our cuisine.

That is why we are looking for 17 years in this market only those suppliers and manufacturers of spices, who not only understand the importance of proper collection and production of spices, but also know how to translate this understanding. We studied the properties and capabilities of many types of packaging, its impact on the safety and integrity of food ingredients and selected the best. We bought the equipment, consistent with our understanding of the quality based on the analysis of vulnerabilities and critical control points influences.

And today we can look back to analyze our work and to say that such an approach to the production of spices made the successful development of the company's natural. Our spices, flavorings and spices bought in bulk such famous companies as Nestle, Heinz, Gallina Blanca, McDonald's, Unilever, Rolton, King Lion and others.

We have already achieved success in the spice market in Moscow and Russia, and now set ourselves the broader goals - to give people the novelty of gastronomic experiences, help him to rediscover the joy of flavor diversity and return almost lost culture of consumption of spices with their great variety of features and almost to the end public properties.

Our advantages
  • Own production
  • High quality of Raw materials
  • Own laboratory
  • Food safety system
  • Control of raw materials suppliers
  • Interaction with your technologist
  • Huge wholesales
  • Experienced logistics
  • Easily accessible storages

Spice Master

The middle segment under the “Spice Master” trademark offers mixtures with oven bags, spices and ingredients in PET cans for HoReCa and spices in stand-up pouches with a universal zipper.


“Prompostavka” produces a wide range of bakery and confectionery products under the “Panetteria” trademark. Modern specialized equipment is used in production, which allows the company to provide high quality and the product appearance as requested by the client.


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